Guess what’s in the mail?

Groomers will know this one: It’s a “German Red Clipper,” which is actually (back in Germany) called the Aesculap Favorita II. I found a good deal on a lightly used set with five blades and six or seven years left on the warranty.

I got it because I am slowly building my grooming equipment–this is a major leap of faith on my part, but I want to be able to offer some grooming services and maybe expand to a full-time job at some point. I already have all the high-quality equipment for doing baths/brush-outs (table, dryer, brushes, combs, shampoos and other products, a good Wahl Bravura trimmer for feet, etc.), but need clippers and shears so I can do full grooms.

I have the (perhaps dubious) advantage that I am not “used” to any particular brand or weight yet (except the Oster large animal clippers I used on the show animals years ago), so I am trying to start with the best, even if they’re not the “right” weight or size or whatever. A lot of professional groomers have a hard time getting to like the German Red Clippers because they’re heavier and force you to move slower than the Andis or Laube or comparable A5-size clippers. So even though the GRCs are undeniably made better and last longer, they’re not as popular. I am going to see if I can start with these so I am primed for the weight and balance from the beginning.

Similarly, the scissors I am collecting are all ergonomic, with offset/swivel thumbs. They look like they’re made on Neptune or something, but I don’t want to get used to a barber-shear style thumb and end up with carpal tunnel surgery.

Once the clippers arrive, I will be experimenting on the always dapper Wilson. Look for the hilarious results soon.


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