Danes I have loved: Apple, Astro, Tess

I’m feeling melancholy tonight, so I pulled out some of my old Dane pictures to look at.

This was from my Lucy/Oscar litter (Oscar was Am CH / Ital Youth Ch Terminetor-B del Castello Gamenario, Goivane Promessa S.I.A, Giovane Promessa E.N.C.I, Giovane Campione di Club; his pictures are here: Linky).

Oscar was one of my favorite dogs of all time; he was rock-solid, beautiful temperament, movement like you wouldn’t believe.

The babies were about seven weeks old here (and I needed to clip nails, wow). Hard to believe they are now almost seven. They are, left to right:

Much Ado Apple V Sterling. Apple went to Maine and lives with a lovely couple.

UKC GRCH Much Ado ABeautifulMind VSterling, AKC pointed. “Astro” is beloved by Sue in MN. He was bred to G’Dieter’s Fancy That, and through his puppies the pedigree continues. Not in my hands, though.

Much Ado AbsolutelyFabulous Sterling, Tess. Tess was Futurity Nominated, went to the 2002 Nationals. It was a great adventure. Her story after that, and why she was never shown after that Nationals, is here.

Tess lived with us until she was two; I had hopes of breeding her. When I unexpectedly (wow is that an understatement) got pregnant with Tabitha, my five months of hyperemesis coincided with a call from an absolutely wonderful woman who was looking for a companion Dane. She and Tess got on like a house afire, and so I let her go, thinking that I would still be able to breed her mom (Lucy) again. Little did I know that I’d lose Lucy just a month later.

Tess is now Tamar, and still lives down south and still is as naughty as can be.

She turned out GORGEOUS, by the way. Never let a dog you thought was stunning at eight weeks go when they’re still immature and ugly, because they WILL grow out of it and then you’ll kick yourself for years.

Really, though, I couldn’t be happier that these guys went to such good homes and that they are enriching the lives of the families that love them.


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