I wish I knew how to quit you

Several people have asked about the little shirt. It’s because his owner is INSANE wonderful and is worried about him when he shivers. She made this one out of a toddler hat and cut holes for his head and legs.

Oh, and our little dogs wear Fido Fleece coats. I have no connection to the company; I just like them. The dog steps in and the coat velcros along the back of the dog, which I find much easier than buckling a coat around the belly of a small dog. These are perfect for a quick walk but I wouldn’t leave dogs outside in them.

The Danes used foal coats; I would recommend this approach for any dog big enough to wear one. They’re super warm and weatherproof.


One thought on “I wish I knew how to quit you

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I have to admit that we dress Aggie (tiny black pug!) up from time to time. And I think she’ll need a coat at some point this winter, so I’ll check those out.

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