Just a short one

File under: ARGH!

The PC finally bought the farm today, so no new posts (with pictures, anyway).

Of course, in this family “the PC” means “the Windows box in the bedroom” as opposed to “the other Windows box” as opposed to “the Mac upstairs” as opposed to “the laptop” as opposed to “remember that CPU in your office? Yeah, I think it’s under the table. Does it still work?” We have both worked with computers for so long that they’ve multipled and sent tendrils through most of the house.

The one we lost is my “work” computer, where I do most of my editing. So it had to be replaced immediately and I’ve spent most of the day drinking cup after cup of coffee and moving files around and downloading all the programs that make my life, both professional and personal, possible.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have worked my way from A for Acrobat to Y for Yahoo Messenger and be able to get a couple of posts up. I have several just stewing around, waiting for the time to type.


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