Tabitha Mamie

I put this picture on the wall of our hallway, and Tabitha came running through and skidded to a stop when she saw it.

She looked at it for a long minute and then said, “Wow, I look all grumpy and stuff. COOL.” And then she ran away again.

This is the kid who is just waiting for Castro to die, and then she’s going to saunter down there and take over Cuba.

I have NEVER met anyone more strong-willed or more fearless. This picture was taken at a park near the ocean, about an hour after we had abandoned any effort to swim. Why did we give up? Because Tabitha refused to believe that she could not swim, and kept walking out into the water, walking, walking, right out over her head, walking along the bottom of the ocean. After the sixth time we fished her out, with her protesting “I CAN swim! See? See how far out I am?” we gave up and moved inland. I’m pretty sure she made this face at me because I told her she had to stop trying to dig up a giant magnolia. She was planning on putting it in her room.

She could, too. I am absolutely certain that it’s only a matter of time before I come home and find ten-foot roots sticking out of the doorway.


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