Looking for a few good blogs

(I am going to leave this post stuck to the top of the page for a while–look below this for newer posts.)

Please help me out! I want to get a better list on my blogroll and I’d love to be added to some good blogrolls as well. If you know of a good blog that has some themes that overlap this one and can point me to it, please do.

I’ve also caved to The Man and added Digg tags. If you’d be so kind as to digg any posts that you find genuinely valuable, I’d hugely appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a few good blogs

  1. Erin, who is Gracie? In other words, who’s her mom and dad? I feel like I have seen her baby picture, which means she may come from a breeder I know or a breeder whose dogs I know. The Dane world is small and pretty dang incestuous, so it’s fun to make connections. Also, love that you let her keep her ears!

  2. Oh I thought of another one! http://www.sylvia.trkman.net

    She and her dogs are amazing, my club hosted her for a 3 day seminar this past Spring. She’s well known for her performances in the agility world, but is almost more well known for the tricks she teaches her dogs. Sylvia just got a puppy who is one week older than Rue. She is documenting her training week by week which is awesome for me to try to follow. Anyway, thought you might like to look!


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