Happy young people, 2004

This week I pulled an ancient CPU out of the closet and, in preparation for disposing of it, fired it up to see if I had left any vital stuff on there.

After waiting approximately nine years for it to boot up (ah, that’s why we retired it), I found the MOTHER LODE. Reams of pictures I only dimly remember taking, and certainly didn’t remember we had digital copies of.

These were taken using my old Canon film SLR, then brought to some crappy mall photolab and put on CD. Oh the technology, what will they think of next.

Thanks to Crappy Mall Photolab, at 100% magnification they’re 20-inch photos that only take up 300k. So don’t look too closely at any item of small detail, because it’s pretty much just a blobby splurch.

Anyway, this is Tabitha, who was eight months old at the time. And, of course, Meri, who was seven; this marks the last time in recorded history there was a normal expression on that child’s face.


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