This is my beautiful sister, Dee.

If you are walking down the street with Dee, cars being driven by men will suddenly swerve into telephone poles. This will not be because of you.

If you go to a restaurant with Dee, waiters will drop trays. Again, not you.

I’ve seen college students walk into doorposts. They were not looking at me.

Dee is one of the only people on earth who can not only handle my kids but adores them. She is pure, hard, tough as nails GOLD. As a result, at some point in their lives every single one of my kids has come to me stormily weeping because someone told them that they would not be black or Latina when they grew up.

I asked Tabitha, who is four, why she loved Dee so much. Tabitha said, “Well, she does fun stuff, and she goes places with us, and she makes us clean our rooms. But also it’s because she has beautiful dark skin and dark hair and her face is so nice. Oh, and her voice. I really like her voice.”

Waiters, drivers, and college students sigh, and nod in agreement.


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