Danes I have loved (turning back the clock part c)

This is the last Dane we ever called ours. She wasn’t the last in the house, not the last we owned, but the last I pulled out of a litter and said “this one stays.” Her name was Java, and she was a sweet, kind, gentle, very stylish, very pretty girl. I was proud to have bred her and would have been proud to show her. I felt that she was evidence that I was figuring out how to breed well, how to predict how a dog was going to turn out. I know I sure did better with her than I did with my first litter!

I regret that I don’t have better pictures of her. We sold her (to a lovely family) when a bunch of stuff came crashing down, which happened in a pretty long series of craptastic events from April to September of 2006, and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. It is no coincidence that I’m mentally in a place that’s interested in turning back the clock right now, at this time of the year. That year, I was still locked in the ick of it; in 2007 I was still angry and grieving. This year I am poking it, pressing the bruise.

And, no surprise, I do it at least to a certain extent through dogs. So Java’s and Clara’s pictures have been the ones I’ve returned to again and again.

Anyway, here’s my coffee bean:

Annoying. Bad camera, out of focus, and she had a raging case of skin staph bumps (very normal in puppies as their immune systems mature–I rubbed tea tree oil on it and the next week it was gone) so her face is all rumply and speckled. But it shows, I think, her soft and gentle self, and her cute narrow head and nice square lip. She was such a pretty girl.


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