Ruby’s rainbow litter

By popular demand, this is the rainbow litter. Ruby was blue, the offspring of all blue/black dogs until her sixth or seventh generation. Mitch, the dad, was fawn, which is ordinarily a no-no but I had bought him specifically for this generation of breeding. He was from a blue/fawn pedigree himself and I strongly suspected that he carried blue. He would have been an inappropriate mate for a fawn bitch because of this; the only suitable match was a blue or black. I expected blue and black puppies (which, by the way, is exactly what I did get when I bred him to Ruby’s sister). And this is what I got.

(please ignore super-fugly digital border; the original of the picture was lost and the only one I had was the sad result of an experiment with a digital scrapbooking border that was totally ugly and was rejected as soon as I made it–ironically, in the complete meltdown of my old hard drive this one survived but the original did not)

If you look, you can see black, blue, fawn, and blue-masked fawn.

The blue-masked puppy went home to be with Ruby’s owner (Ruby had come to me for breeding and was not mine). Clara is one of the fawn puppies. We also kept a black girl named Java that I will feature at some point in the future.


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