I want a Standard Poodle.

Let’s take a census of the household:

Clue: 2-year-old Cardigan bitch, 11 points, both majors

Bronte: 18-month-old Cardigan bitch, 9 points, both majors

Ginny: 1-ish Papillon/Cavalier mix, rescue

Bramble: 13-week-old Dachshund/JRT mix, foster (anyone looking for a really great dog?)

Ipso facto, ergo, QED: No Standard Poodle For Me.

But loooooooooooordy I love them.


5 thoughts on “I want a Standard Poodle.

  1. Oh dear. Bramble doesn’t have a home? I know my husband will say no, absolutely not, but I need to ask him anyways if Finn’s brother can come live with us…

  2. Don’t worry–he does have a home, and it’s with us. That’s the way I think about any foster–it’s our dog, and we are in no hurry to place him. I have a few feelers out and have interviewed a few people and it’s certainly not his fault that the perfect situation hasn’t come along yet. I have every confidence that it will, even if it’s a year from now. And until then we get to enjoy his cute little self (and we really do!).

  3. Oh, I know he has a home with you guys… I meant his forever home. 🙂

    Dh said no, not surprisingly. But I still had to ask. At times I really do wish we would have taken two…

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