Hugging dogs

Seriously, people, STOP THE MADNESS.

I was having a lovely conversation with a mastiff owner in our local pet supply outlet and was, as I always am, as I was when we had Danes, completely shocked by the people who came over and just spontaneously hugged this dog.

Dudes. No.

Hugging is NOT love, it is NOT affection, it is NOT appropriate for any dog of any size or any temperament. Hugging is a very, very, powerful dominance move on the part of another dog and it is nothing but the miracle of this lovely dog’s perfect temperament that he did not bite five people today. He had every right to.

If you want to hug your own dog, be my guest. But be aware that the dog is not getting out of it what you may think he or she is. But NEVER NEVER do it to another person’s dog. Unless, of course, you have an undying desire to get your face bitten.

Teach it to kids too–no hugging PERIOD.

Did I use enough caps here? I am toad sere, as we used to say in high school. Now go forth, and do not be idiots.


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