Dooce does it right; so do Basenji people. Also, I type the words Dooce and Basenji in same sentence.

First, Dooce, the queen of all the blogosphereoworldouniverse, has done what I have silently been begging her to do since Coco arrived:

Got Coco herding lessons

I was really frustrated when she bought Coco, who pretty much epitomizes the dog you DON’T buy (irresponsible breeder making “just one” litter from “shock value” dogs that don’t meet the AKC standard) but I am thrilled to see the fact that they’re meeting the huge challenges of a breed type that is very difficult to do right by. I would still much rather see her having gotten a gorgeous Propwash aussie or one of the other well-bred, sane, trainable aussies, but Coco really landed on her feet in their home.

Second, THRILLING news from the AKC: They are opening the Basenji Studbook for a full five years to African imports. This is the kind of common-sense brilliance that is rarely seen in the beaurocratic “machine.”I dearly wish that more breeds still had native stock to access, and think that all breeds that do have the opportunity should petition to do exactly this.

The Basenji Club’s informational site

AKC’s statement:

American Kennel Club Opens Basenji Stud Book
[Monday, August 18, 2008]
AKC announced today that, at the request of the Basenji Club of America (BCOA), it will open the Basenji stud book to dogs from countries with no AKC accepted registry. The BCOA has initiated this program in order to offer an opportunity to import dogs from their native land.

“Due to the changing circumstances in the areas where these dogs thrive, this may be the last opportunity to import the breed from its homeland,” said BCOA president Sally Wuornos. “The Basenji stud book has been closed since 1990 when it was briefly opened to imported native stock.”

The BCOA has established a ten-step process for dogs who wish to apply, after which, members will vote to ultimately approve the dogs’ entry into the stud book. The stud book will be open from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2013 for Basenjis who have gone through the ten-step process, been approved by the BCOA Board and membership, and that meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be at least one year old at time of evaluations
  • Applicant must be imported after 1990 directly from Africa or in utero from Africa

Dogs from the following areas are currently under consideration for admission:

  • Northern Congo
  • Southern Benin
  • Southwestern Cameroon
  • Central Congo

For more information and all necessary forms visit the Basenji Club of America web site:


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