Clue’s huge day

Belongs on 7/11, but when I moved posts the date got lost–oops!

Clue’s saga

So here is the story of Clue’s huge day today.

She’s been second fiddle for the last several shows, taking reserve to Bronte. It makes a lot of sense–she’s out of coat, she’s small (within the standard, but she’s a little Cardi), and many judges don’t know what to do with a Cardi who loves everything and everybody. Most of them are more gentle and a little worried; Clue tries to hug and lick the judge every second.

Today when I got her ready to go, I rinsed her off to take care of any staining. A HUGE CHUNK OF HER BACK COAT CAME OFF IN MY HAND. It was horrifying. It was like a chemo patient–the entire coat fell out in a big chunk and left behind the baby growing hairs (only about 3/4 inch long; her coat is normally maybe 3 inches). And underneath was raw, sore skin. It actually started bleeding.

I was absolutely appalled–I was terrified that something was horribly wrong with her. But she was jumping around like a crazy girl, like usual.

So we took her to the show. As soon as we got there, I ran over to the other cardi people and asked them to look at her, and asked if I should pull her from competition. They confirmed that it was some kind of a terrible heat reaction–like a hot spot, only she hadn’t been digging at it so there was no “hole.” Probably the result of being shown in the sun last weekend. A whole bunch of them came over and looked at it and they packed it with Gold Bond powder and told me that I should still keep her in so the 5-pt major wouldn’t go down to 4.

So I went in with a dog completely out of coat (no undercoat), with a giant hole in the middle of her back coat, still with Gold Bond all over it (I blew out the excess and carefully brushed the coat into place), and I did a comb-over with the ten hairs she still had. I couldn’t put any product in her hair, of course, so she had big curls coming up in the back.

I went in with Bronte, who was alone in her class. Came out. Grabbed Clue and went back in for Open, a class of I think four. Did my pattern, came up on the table, she as usual was wagging her tail like crazy trying to kiss the judge, the judge said “Oh, you baby, don’t you lick!” but was smiling (yay!). And we won the class!

I had to go back in with Bronte, had no one to show Clue. Had a horrible look on my face and a passing person said “You need help?” and I just threw Clue and her armband at her. So she went in for Winners with Clue, I went in with Bronte. And before I knew it, the judge was pointing at Clue.

UNBELIEVABLE. The judge was terribly complimentary, loves a dog with attitude, loved her color (!) and the fact that she’s so sound and correct (which she is; she’s just small). So I am on cloud nine!

This is 11 points, including 2 majors, for Clue in four weekends of showing. She came home and we did a medicated bath, poured rosemary tea on her back, rubbed virgin coconut oil in, and she looks ratty but the skin is healthier already. I will make a decision about tomorrow when I look at her back.

The major did end up going down to 4 points because there was a bitch absence, but I couldn’t be happier.

This is her win pic from that day–you can see the white Gold Bond powder caked into the skin on her back.

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